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June 10, 2014 - Rachel

So in 2011 we threw together a website in one night – we were about to launch Thirty8 Digital and were busy keeping new clients happy while looking for more work. It was a kind of holding site and we always planned to re-do it in the first few months.

Those few months some how have turned into three years and under threat of Mike leaving and joining a company with a nice website, we have finally got a new site together.

The embarrassing thing for us is that we’ve managed to grow and develop our business without a nice, up to date web presence. The blogging stopped when we got too busy, the ‘corporate’ twitter account remains tweet-less and the Thirty8 Facebook page is, well, er, non existent*

As I sit and think how, as a director of a digital agency, I can justify this,  I have come up with this (which is what we say to all our clients):

– examine why you are doing something – know what your reason is for wanting a new, spangly site.

– don’t just do things online, especially social, because you just feel you should

– keep looking at your web stats and talking to the people who contact you. If it aint broke…

So the disclaimer on our far from perfect web presence is that despite wanting something a little bit more spangly, we haven’t really needed a new site as the work seems to keep coming (touching wood as I type). We’ve regularly kept the portfolio page on our site up to date. We’re really proud of the projects we’ve worked and we know -as we get all of our work through word of mouth – that it’s important for prospective clients to be able to have a root around what we’ve been working on before they give us a call. We know from our web stats and from the people we talk to that these are the pages people look at.

And our reason for wanting a spangly new site now? Apart from Mike’s total embarrassment about the old site, we have realised that as we grow, develop and change as a business we just couldn’t show our range of projects and work in any coherent way. It just ended up being a pretty long and unreadable list. Hopefully our new site has sorted this and you can have a good look at the types of project we love to work on. The spangly bit is down to brilliant designer Gem Squash and the technical bit is down to the talented Joel Mitchell and Mike Ellis. And the words, they’re mainly mine, and a few from our lovely clients.

Anyway, confessional over. Thanks for listening 🙂


* we use social media on our personal accounts rather than a ‘corporate’ account!


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