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New, improved resources..

September 9, 2015 - Rachel

I’ve just updated our resources section – lots more stuff on there now, including our just-updated Writing for the web guide.

Looking back over the stats for these (we use a URL shortener and can see who clicks on what) it appears that these have been downloaded about 5,000 times overall, which is pretty exciting. And: in case you’re interested, here are the top 5 most popular:

> #1 – our digital strategy training portal (really a selection of guides rather than individual ones, so a bit of a cheat..)
> #2 – zooming to second place in…2 days(!) is the writing for the web guide
> #3 – recently (ish) updated: WordPress editing guide
> #4 – an introduction to WordPress
> #5 – mobile 101

We’ve added a searchbox on the resources page too – in part because there’s a lot of them now, but also (sigh) because I’m damned if I can get pagination to work. Don’t tell anyone.

Anyway. Help yourselves – all of it is licensed under CC attribution, so feel free to plunder, steal, share, etc. And – retweets, shares, all of that gratefully and muchly appreciated.

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