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conferences, talks, workshops

Mike presents at and chairs various conferences as well as providing training workshops: always about the web and what we do with it and usually about social media, mobile, innovation and that kind of thing.

If you’d like him to speak or workshop at something you’re organising, drop us a line.


  • 29th Jan 2019 – organised, chaired, presented at Museums Association Digital Basics Bootcamp
  • 18th March 2019 – CultureGeek chairing
  • 12th March 2019 – How to stop freelance from killing you, Resilient Freelancing
  • 9th May 2018 – CultureGeek chairing

Past engagements – some highlights

  • 27/28th June 2017 – Museum Next chairing
  • 28th June 2017 – Museum Next WordPress workshop
  • 27th August 2015 – The art of coasting, Exeter Web Meetup
  • 5th March 2015 – Show Us Your Assets conference
  • 26th Jan 2015 – “Dusty old stuff in cases?” day workshop / talk for Bath Spa University
  • 20th Jan 2015 – “Your senior manager print their emails – why we still need digital strategies and what to do about it” for a Museums Association Let’s Get Digital event. Slides here.
  • 31st October 2014 – Chaired Getting Digital to Deliver at the RAMM, Exeter
  • 9th October 2014 – MA conference session chairing
  • 18th – 20th June 2014 – Chair for Museum Next.
  • 17th September 2013 – Digital Strategy workshop for SWFed
  • March 15th-25th 2012 – Bath Digital Festival, where I was Creative Director
  • February 2012 – Bits 2 Blogs 2012, where I did a workshop entitled “What the hell are we supposed to do about mobile?”
  • Google Analytics and site rebuild training for Bath Heritage Services
  • A day-long session at the Imperial War Museum (social media / community building) for their 1914.org project
  • November 2011 – A workshop session for Arts Wales at their Arts Marketing Symposium
  • On Thursday 9th July I did a day-long workshop for Audiences North East called Social Media: Noise vs Content.
  • Less a presentation, more an entire conference: I co-organised the first ever Big M – a mobile conference here in Bath, UK. Over 200 delegates turned up for 48 hours of talks and workshops – that was on the 20th-22nd March 2011
  • I presented at Bits 2 Blogs 2011 – a heritage-focussed meeting in Newcastle – with a variation of Don’t think websites….think data… on 10th March 2011
  • A presentation and round-table session for the UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres on Developing your digital strategy on December 3rd 2010
  • I talked at the JISC CETIS conference, 15th-16th November 2010. My session was called Activate the world: I talked about Ubiquitous Computing, mobile and the challenges that these approaches throw up for us, as technologists and human beings.
  • A day-long workshop in Newcastle entitled Bootstrapping the web on 22nd September 2010.
  • I presented at the JISC/UKOLN “Survive or Thrive” conference on 8th/9th June 2010 with a re-worked version of “If you love your content, set it free
  • A presentation entitled “Mobile: Museums and the next frontier” at MuseumNext on April 30th 2010: see my slides here
  • A keynote at a day-long event called Bits 2 Blogs at Teeside University on 25th February 2010. I presented “Niche or Platform: what next for our institutions online?” – slides are here.
  • A workshop together with Dan Zambonini at DISH (Digital Strategies For Heritage) in Rotterdam – 8th-10th December 2009. Our workshop was on Museum In A Day (The Benefits of Doing Things Differently). Slides here.
  • At Online Information 2009 on 3rd December 2009, I did a presentation with Lisa Price on Collaboration 2.0, all about some internal tools we’ve built at Eduserv. Slides are here.
  • UK Museums on the Web 2009 – I presented on ubiquitous computing and what it might mean for museums. I also built a QR tag demo for delegates to play with
  • At the Institutional Web Managers Workshop 2009 (28th-30th July 2009) – I did a workshop with Tony Hirst entitled “Mashups round the edges“. Slides will be online shortly. I also did a presentation on the final day called Getting People Together. Slides are here.
  • I did a talk on getting data out of websites (“Scraping, scripting, hacking”) at Mashed Library – 7th July 2009. My slides and background to the slides are here
  • JISC content conference – 30th June-1st July – I gave a talk entitled “Don’t think websites, think data”, all about Machine Readable Data and why it’s important. Slides and blog post here
  • At Museums and the Web 2009, Dan Zambonini and I wrote a joint paper entitled “hoard.it: Aggregating, displaying and mining object-data without consent” about our hoard.it prototype (see this post for an overview and these related posts)
  • On 8th April 2009 I presented at Ignite Cardiff #2. My slides are here
  • I ran a 2-day breakout session at the 2009 UKSG conference in Torquay on 30th and 31st March 2009. Blog post and slides here
  • CATCH conference keynote, 20th Feb 2009, The Hague: Why the social web is here to stay, and what to do about it
  • Online Information, 04/12/08 Presentation – What does Web2.0 do for us?
  • Keynote at Kom je Ook (“Heritage Upgrade”), 14/11/08 Presentation – If you love something, set it free
  • Guest presenter at Cardiff Web Scene, 28/11/08 I did a presentation entitled Newton vs Einstein – slides and overview are here

During Museums and the Web 2008, I did these:

…and some selected highlights of museumy/webby stuff I’ve been involved in before that:

  • Caught up in Web 2.0? Practical implementations and creative solutions for librarians and publishers Mike Ellis – UKSG seminar 23/11/07 [Presentation]
  • Web 2.0: How to Stop Thinking and Start Doing: Addressing Organisational Barriers Mike Ellis and Brian Kelly (UKOLN) – Museums and the Web 2007 [Paper]
  • Web2.0 – why Museums are scared and excited all at the same time Mike Ellis – UK Museums on the Web 2006 [Presentation]
  • Getting The Most Out Of Our Users…or…The Science Museum Lab: How The Dana Centre Lets Us Play Mike Ellis, Dave Patten, Dan Evans – Museums and the Web 2005 [Paper]

I’ve started to post slides on my Slideshare space.

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