Consultancy can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Often, people think “expensive” or “complicated” or “a thing we did to tick a box”…

We’re keen that the consultancy work we do isn’t any of these things. As with everything else that we produce, we deliver our consultancy work so that it is not only useful in a real-world situation but also written or delivered in plain English.

We’ve done a fair bit of consultancy over the past few years, and it comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Below are some of the areas we work on most often – but if you’re not sure whether we can help or not please get in touch and ask us. If we can help we will; if we can’t we may know someone else who can!

Digital Strategy

We believe in taking a strategic approach to the web, whether you’re building a new website, considering a mobile app or worrying about how best to write for social media.

Developing a digital strategy isn’t as heavy as it sounds – really it just means asking a few questions before you embark on things – questions like..

  • …why should we produce a mobile app?
  • what does success mean to us? more visitors? more newsletter signups? more “likes”..?
  • …who is our audience, and where do they hang out?
  • …where can we promote what we do to get the best bang for our buck?

Strategy shouldn’t ever be heavy though – a paragraph which succinctly explains what you do and why you do it is better than an impressive (and expensive..) 500 page document which sits and gathers dust on a shelf somewhere. We also think of digital strategy as being more an approach, a way of thinking – than a document. Digital is done best when it is iterative – decide your goals and audiences, execute based on these goals, measure if it works, build on things that are working and adapt things that aren’t.

Web presence audit

Sometimes, organisations want to know what they’ve got and how they’re doing with their web activity. We use a range of tools to explore this – we’re experts at Google Analytics for the quantitative stuff, but also do a lot of qualitative information gathering, too. We’ll look at your social presence, the way you write for the web, your website architecture and usability, in-house technologies, ways you collaborate and so on.

We’ve worked with people like Birmingham Museums Trust and South West Museums Hub to examine various diverse aspects of their digital presences – and to help point them in the right direction for the future.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

One of the things we like most is helping people come up with great, fun, interesting ways to market their content and get it to more people.

We can help you in a number of ways – ideas brainstorming, campaign planning, campaign web development – or all three.

Recently we’ve worked with Hampshire Museums service on a viral study and development of a series of campaigns, Bath Half Marathon supporting and developing their website and social presence, and The Roman Baths with a number of projects including a mobile photo app campaign, Being Roman.

What people say

  • Head of Marketing, Communications and PR, The Jewish Museum, London

    I’m so pleased we made the decision to appoint Thirty8 Digital to run our website development project; they had brilliant creative ideas, were great communicators and really importantly they understand the challenges of developing a museum website (especially doing so on a tight budget!) The end result is fantastic, and the ongoing support they’ve given us since the launch has also been brilliant. ...

    Project: Jewish Museum

  • Annie Ward, Heritage Project Manager, Leonard Cheshire Disability, Leonard Cheshire Disability

    Thirty8 Digital were fantastic to work with – they were friendly and very helpful throughout the process of building our heritage website. We had particular ideas about what we wanted from the website and they were able to make them happen....

    Project: Leonard Cheshire Rewind website

  • Sue Woolgar, Collections Manager, Southampton City Council, Counter Culture

    You and your team have provided us with an excellent piece of work which we can build on or update if we need to for a stage 1 application ...

    Project: Engine Room

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