We were taking on by Hackney Museum in November 2021 to help them form a Digital Engagament Strategy for the coming 3 year period. The museum was still reeling from a council-wide cyber attack in October 2020, and we helped them to begin to think about how to recover from the impact of this, focusing on small, practical and audience-focused steps.

We wanted to deliver the end result as a “living document” rather than a long-winded Word document, and the end result was a wiki site which the team could interact with and continue to grow over the period of the work.

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Digital Engagement Strategy for Hackney Museum


Hackney Museum

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March 2022


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We had lots of ideas about what we wanted to do, but not about the specific steps required to make anything a reality – we use digital in our daily lives and learn most things on the job in the best way we can. Working with Mike at Thirty8Digital helped us crystallise what we wanted to achieve, why and how we would do it. As a small team with limited resources, we needed a consultant who could work with us, as well as make us work, to help us reach our goals. It has been quite a journey but we’re proud of what we have learnt and managed to achieve, thanks to the support from Mike.
— Niti Acharya, Hackney Museum Manager

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  • Ella Roberts, Communications Manager, Britten-Pears Foundation, Britten-Pears Foundation

    I have worked with Thity8 Digital in the past and it was an easy decision to work with them again on a new project. This time it was to evaluate the Britten-Pears Foundation’s digital offer and work on a two-phased website project....

    Project: Britten-Pears Foundation

  • Ella Roberts, Handel & Hendrix in London Communications Officer, Handel House Museum

    We knew we made the right decision to work with Thirty8 Digital from the get go. Their knowledge of the heritage, digital and marketing world is second-to-none and their friendliness and enthusiasm for our complex project made the experience all the more enjoyable....

    Project: Handel House Museum website

  • Mark Stevenson, Mark Stevenson

    Thirty8 Digital are rather like a good pair of thigh-high boots. Bold, comfortable and they help you stand out from the crowd, but the engineering is top notch....

    Project: Mark Stevenson

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