This artist’s project which launched in 2018 to commemorate the centenary of the 1918 ‘Spanish’ Flu pandemic was unusual for us, but fascinating to work on. It involved the delivery of 365 separate audio files, one for each day of the year. Artist Jordan Baseman took many entries from newspaper reports from 1918, or created others using source material from the time.

We worked closely with the Wellcome Collection and Jordan Baseman to deliver the site, which now automatically delivers a day-stamped audio file.

With the global Covid pandemic, the website took on a new popularity and a haunting relevance. As NPR put it:

“The voices are not real. They’re computerized. They sound tinny and faraway as they read fragments of newspaper stories from 1918, when the so-called Spanish flu ravaged the planet. Still, these fleeting dispatches from the past are uncannily relevant”

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Wellcome Collection

We worked with Thirty8 Digital to design, host and support an artist’s project commemorating the centenary of the 1918 ‘Spanish’ Flu pandemic. From the very beginning, Mike and the team intuitively understood what we were trying to do, and came up with the goods in the form of both technical and design solutions necessary to help us deliver a complex and multifaceted site. When the project attracted large amounts of new traffic in the wake of the Covid pandemic, Thirty8’s robust hosting solution kept the site going, and since then efficient monitoring, maintenance and upgrading have kept the project live as a vital reminder of a past pandemic.
— Danny Birchall, Wellcome Collection

What people say

  • Rick Lawrence, Digital Media Officer, Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter

    We chose Thirty8 Digital to work on our Designated World Cultures website because of their experience in working with collections data and their solid reputation in the museum sector. Their work with our Collections Database website’s API to pull object data and images into the new website and making it a seamless part of the overall product delivered exactly what we hoped for....

    Project: Royal Albert Memorial Museum, World Cultures

  • Alison Bowyer, Executive Director, Kids in Museums, Kids in Museums

    We have been working the Thirty8 Digital since 2018 when they were the standout choice to create our new website. Mike and his team really took the time to get to know our Kids in Museums during the design and development period and their approach was friendly and accessible throughout....

    Project: Kids in Museums website

  • Zoë Hendon, Head of Collections, MoDA, Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture

    Thirty8 Digital helped enormously with MoDA’s online presence. They made some great suggestions that have made a big difference in the short term, and helped us achieve greater clarity on new developments in the longer term....

    Project: Museum of Domestic Architecture

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